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This is the Dreadful Series.

Buckle up.


In the tranquil town of Murray, Colorado, fourteen-year-old James Dreadful’s life takes a chilling turn. He stumbles upon a harrowing truth: he is the last in a line of dark sorcerers, inheriting the ominous magic of his infamous father, Jack Dreadful. This revelation catapults him into the mystical realm of Nobrocoso, where he must unravel the enigma of his father’s sinister past.

     His unwelcome legacy ensnares him in a labyrinth of dangers. A formidable empire of sorcerers is hell-bent on extinguishing the Dreadful lineage, while a menacing goblin harbors a voracious desire for Jack’s dark power. Yet, in this shadowy world, unexpected allies surface—from towering ogres to a cunning uncle and spectral servants. Yearning for a simpler existence, James dreams of a secluded island haven with his uncle and grandfather, his sworn Spell-Guardians. But his

arrival in Nobrocoso sets off a cataclysmic chain of events. As friends and foes alike materialize from the ether, James faces a terrifying realization—his father’s dreadful secrets may be his only lifeline.

     The first installment in the “Dreadful Series,” this tale promises a riveting odyssey of self-discovery. James must traverse a world steeped in dark magic, formidable adversaries, and the weight of a legacy he never sought. Prepare for a heart-stopping journey that will leave you questioning the very fabric of reality.

    This is the Dreadful Series.

     Buckle up.

After narrowly escaping a contract with his father’s evil servant Rekenhowler, James reluctantly decides to return home to the Cades Isles to live out the rest of his youth training to become a sorcerer. The only problem: James and his companions are adrift on the boat Persephone in the Realm of Shadows without a crew.

    When a stowaway aboard Persephone informs James that his father—the Dark Lord—might have been mind-slaved by the mysterious, evil Cowl, James is shocked and delighted, as it would prove that his father was not evil. The only proof that he will accept is the soul of his father, which he learns is lodged deep in the Tomb of Forgotten Secrets. In confronting his father’s soul, James can learn the truth about the Dark Lord—and if he is destined to become one himself.


But before he can reach the Tomb, James must travel to Sarvelok, an island protected by raiders, to retrieve the key his uncle Oskar stole from him. Attacking the island would be suicide—but possible with the help of Rekenhowler. The price James will have to pay, however, is too high, but without it, will he ever learn the truth of his father—and his own fate?

Coming soon!

In Book Three of The Dreadful Series, James Dreadful journeys from the Island of Mysteries to the treacherous land of ogres, Logres, with a priceless painting harboring an imprisoned sorcerer, the Pirate-Wizard—an enemy of his father and a master of the seas. Unaware of its true power, Drool, the towering chief of the Jengwa tribes, seizes the painting.

    Little does James know, Drool is part of a perilous conspiracy to expel the Empire from their homeland. With a thirst for knowledge of war, Drool implores James to teach him to read. By day, James instructs Drool, but by night, he secretly collaborates with Qadira, a Vatari spy on a mission to steal the painting on behalf of the Empire. A high-stakes dance of loyalty and deceit ensues, as James and Qadira strive to reclaim the enchanted painting before Drool unravels their true intentions.

    The Beast of Jengwa weaves a captivating symphony of suspense, magic, and unyielding action—a spellbinding addition to the revered series that leaves readers yearning for more. Brace yourself for a breathtaking plunge into a world where a city teeters on the edge of destruction, and the line between friend and foe blurs like shadows on the moonlit sea.



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