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                     A Dreadful Series novel


James Dreadful and the Spell-Guardian

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James Dreadful and the Tomb of Forgotten Secrets

James Dreadful and the

Beast of Jengwa


The Midjourney Storyteller

Watch the first three chapters of "James Dreadful and the Spell-Guardian" in the Midjourney Storyteller. An immersive (Midjourney images, sound effects, and music, along with AI voice acting) to bring James Dreadful and the Spell-Guardian: Chapters 1 - 3.) Why read when you can watch!



The Dreadful Series Gallery


James Dreadful and the Tomb of Forgotten Secrets

"As Cat said, now it was useless to steer the Persephone. The water was pulling them along so violently she was beginning to spin. Igvard had let go of the wheel and lumbered down the stairs to the quarterdeck, grasping the gunwale.


The Persephone rose and fell on the water like a seesaw, and the Boneheads moaned and fell over, grabbing on to whatever they could.

James edged his way to the bow, and as the ship rose again, prow-first, his legs buckled under him as a wash of seawater burst over the gunwale. The mouth of Sarvelok was very close now, with hanging seaweed visible under the nasal base, as well as hairline fractures in the stone. The jaw-door was gigantic. Great, rusted chains—each link the size of a human torso—controlled the lowering of the deck. As they came near this, the mouth sucked them suddenly forward. Water smashed against the rocks beside the jaw-door, where the debris of shipwrecks had clustered. The water flowing over the fangs frothed and boiled with activity. Small eddies whirled spastically, and spray glittered in the slanted rays over the bluffs of the gorge."

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The Beast of

In the next installation of the Dreadful Series, James and his loyal companion, Catwyn, travel to the island of Logres--home of the ogres, where he learns that the leader of the beasts--Drool--is planning to overthrow the Empire that has taken root there. To stir up problems even more, James has brought back the strange, mysterious painting he and Catwyn had discovered in the magic mountain. A painting hiding unimaginable power...and danger!

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