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James Dreadful and the Beast of Jengwa


                     A Dreadful Series novel

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The Series

James Dreadful and the Spell-Guardian

James Dreadful and the Tomb of Forgotten Secrets

James Dreadful and the

Beast of Jengwa


The Beast of

In the next installation of the Dreadful Series, James and his loyal companion, Catwyn, travel to the island of Logres--home of the ogres, where he learns that the leader of the beasts--Drool--is planning to overthrow the Empire that has taken root there. To stir up problems even more, James has brought back the strange, mysterious painting he and Catwyn had discovered in the magic mountain. A painting hiding unimaginable power...and danger!

An ogre with a vendetta...

"Ka'alla means 'killer of a thousand men.' You, James, are 'little ka'alla."

Small Title


The Beast of

"Step quietly. Fall quietly. Or die noisily."

A Vatari spy with a secret.

Meet Qadira, the spy sent to locate the dangerous enchanted painting Drool holds in his castle. James must work with her if he wants to escape Drool's hospitality, but at the same time, he must build rapport with the eight-foot beast. And that rapport comes in the form of teaching the great ogre how to read. It is a delicate situation. A blossoming relationship with Drool, while sneaking about the castle at night with a beautiful but dangerous Vatari spy to locate his prized treasure.

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