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Book 1 of the Dreadful Series

Fourteen-year-old James Dreadful is living a normal life in a small, Colorado town. But his past is anything but normal. Born in Nobrocoso—a mystical land of magic and myths—James was brought to earth at the age of three to escape sorcerous assassins after the death of his parents.


When powerful and evil goblin Wizizorkus arrives years later to steal a secret book that once belonged to his father, James learns of his father’s true identity: Jack Dreadful was a Dark Lord who waged a terrible war in Nobrocoso. 


Escaping Wizizorkus, James returns to Nobrocoso where he must confront the dark legacy left behind by his father. But as James learns his father’s secrets, he begins to fear he is also following in his footsteps.

Can James survive a dangerous mystical land haunted by his father’s deeds? Can he survive his father’s blood-stained secrets? Or will he become the man everyone hated, and meet the same abysmal end?

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Book 2 of the Dreadful Series

After narrowly escaping a contract with his father's evil servant Rekenhowler, James reluctantly decides to return home to the Cades Isles to live out the rest of his youth training to become a sorcerer. The only problem: James and his companions are adrift on the boat Persephone in the Realm of Shadows without a crew.

When a stowaway aboard the Persephone informs James that his father--the Dark Lord--might have been mind-slaved by the mysterious, evil Cowl, James is shocked. The only proof that he will accept is the soul of his father, which he learns is lodged deep in the Tomb of Forgotten Secrets. In confronting his father's soul, James can learn the truth about the Dark Lord--and if he is destined to become one himself.

But before he can reach the Tomb, James must travel to Sarvelok, an island protected by raiders, to retrieve the key his uncle Oskar stole from him. Attacking the island would be suicide--but possible with the help of Rekenhowler. The price James will have to pay, however, is too high, but without it, will he ever learn the truth of his father--and his own fate?

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