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A galaxy far, far away sparked my love for storytelling. Witnessing the magic of Star Wars as a child, I craved to create worlds of my own. Even before I could write, I'd tell tales through pictures. In kindergarten, the desire to share a story burned so bright, I dictated a short story about a mouse to my mother, my first official narrative.

Fast forward a few years, a seemingly mundane writing exercise – a three-word prompt (ocean, desert, jungle) – ignited the writer within. Instead of sentences, a 103-page epic, "Journey through the Desert," poured out, forming the foundation of my "Dreadful Series."  This early spark has evolved into the ongoing adventures of James Dreadful, with the next thrilling chapter already in the works.

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My Story

Life threw me a curveball recently. I was diagnosed with kidney cancer and hypertension, which meant taking a significant break between book 2 and book 3 of the Dreadful Series. The good news is, I'm doing much better! I've had successful surgery for the cancer and am now pouring all my energy back into building this world for you.

Speaking of building the world, have you seen my forays into Midjourney?  I've been having a blast creating visuals that bring the Dreadful Series universe to life. It's been incredible to see the images take shape, and my skills have definitely improved. Just six months ago, I couldn't even create a person riding a flying carpet! Technology is truly amazing.

For a taste of what I've been working on, check out the first three chapters of the "MidJourney Storyteller" series I created this summer.  My vision is to revisit these chapters, adding new images and potentially transforming them into animated episodes with the help of tools like Sora.  Who knows, maybe someday we'll even have talking heads voiced by the incredible Di-D!

That said,  there are technical hurdles. Rendering talking heads currently requires specific angles, and it seems monsters and beasts are off-limits for now.  So, until the tech catches up, some characters might have a voice while others remain silent.  That's why I consider the "MidJourney Storyteller" a work in progress.  I plan to revisit and revamp the episodes using the existing ones as a foundation.

For the immediate future, my focus remains on completing Book 4. Stay tuned for updates, and thanks for being part of this journey!

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